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All of our batters are certified vegan and gluten free

Dosa Batter

Dosa batter is made with a mix of white rice and urad dal. This is a classic recipe that has been perfected to make sure you get the perfect dosa every time. Gandhi’s batter has a shelf life of up to 3 months without the use of any preservatives. Check out our social media on fun ways to use the batter!

Dosa Batter is Available in the organic section and come in 30 oz and 60 oz. 30z typically makes 20 dosas.

Adai Batter

Adai is a healthy, protein-rich and nutrient dense lentil crepe. Also called as Adai Dosa, these are made with spices, rice and various kinds of lentils like Toor dal, chana dal and urad dal.

Quinoa Batter

Our Quinoa Batter is perfect for sweet or savory crepes. This “superfood” batter is high in fiber and a rich source of iron. It’s airy batter and slightly sweet taste make it the perfect rendition of the classic crepe.

Millet Batter

Millet Dosa also known as Kambu Dosai in South India are delicious thin crepes made with pearl millet. Millet is a good source of protein, fiber, key vitamins, and minerals

Pesarattu Batter

Pesarattu is traditionally a thin breakfast crepe made with green gram, ginger, cumin & chilies. Gandhi’s Pessaratu batter is the perfect edi

Specialty Breads


Roti is a staple bread in many indian meals. Enjoy Gandhi’s cooked or uncooked roti.

Curry Mixes & Spices

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